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How much does a consult cost?

Pricing varies depending on what services you are looking for. Please contact me for pricing information.

Do you take insurance?

I do not accept insurance at this time. However, I can write up a SuperBill for you. This is a detailed receipt of the nutrition consult services I provide. You can submit this to your insurance company for potential reimbursement.

How do I schedule an appointment?

Visit my online platform to purchase and book appointments or contact me using the form above and I’ll get in touch with you.

What is a specialized diet?

A diet is simply the types of food a person typically eats. A specialized or therapeutic diet is one where certain foods or nutrients are emphasized and others are avoided, based on the unique needs of the individual. Therapeutic diets can be very healing and restorative because they remove the foods or compounds which are causing the symptoms we often see. Once the offending food is removed from the diet, the body can begin to heal. In many cases the person can progress to a more liberal diet over time. Specialized diets can benefit many people, including those with autism.

How can you help my child with autism?

At this time, there is no known cause or cure for autism. It is important to understand that some, but not all, symptoms of autism stem from the brain. For example, poor sleeping habits may be the result of gut issues. Food aversions can stem from nutritional deficiencies. Aggression can be exacerbated by food sensitivities. Many of these symptoms can be improved with diet. Individualized nutrition therapy is one of many tools in our toolbelt when it comes to helping children with autism. I can help by looking at your child as a whole person and providing nutrition care that addresses not only nutritional needs but additional symptoms that may be linked to diet.

How do video consults work?

Video consults are held through Practice Better, a secure online platform. All you need is a computer with high speed internet, with a webcam and audio capabilities. It is quick and easy to create a Practice Better account and when the time comes for our video appointment, I will initiate the call and with the click of a button on your end, we’ll be up and running. There is also a Practice Better app for apple and android phones. You can be assured that this platform complies with HIPAA privacy regulations and that your information is safe. If you prefer to have a phone consult, I’m happy to do that as well.

Can my child still benefit from your services even if he/she does not have autism?

Of course! Many people have food sensitivities, gut issues, picky eating habits etc. My person-centered approach can benefit many children, whether they have autism or not. Contact me, I’m happy to answer questions and discuss how I can help.

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