Nutrition Care For
Children with Autism

I am a Registered Dietitian who specializes in nutrition therapy for children with autism. I teach parents how to use food and nutrition to improve their child’s health, behavior and quality of life.


You may be wondering, what does food have to do with autism?


Does your child struggle with:
Diarrhea, constipation, gas or bloating
Trouble sleeping
Brain fog, poor focus or seeming spaced out
Mood swings
Skin rashes
Speech delays
Inappropriate laughter
Red cheeks and ears

Did you know that diet can be related to every one of these symptoms and many others?

In the world of autism, there are very few things we can control. But food is one of them!
This is where I come in. To show you the power you have – through food. 

I know change can feel so daunting, especially when it comes to autism. But I believe in you so much because I know the love of a parent for their child. And love like that never quits. We want to nourish our beloved children with optimal nutrition –
everything their bodies need, so they can be at their best!

My goal is to provide nutrition care that is unique and tailor-made, just for your child.
I pride myself on making nutrition
simple, so you and your child can succeed. So let’s get to work!

The right diet can alleviate the stress of damaging foods, unburden the body and help your child
to feel more comfortable, think more clearly and learn more easily.

With food, you can nurture your child’s best self from the inside, so it shines on the outside.

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Let’s use food to bring out the very best in your child